C7 – Expressive Arts

Topic: WORLD of WORK

In Art and Design P7s have been looking at the weaving industry in Scotland.

Pupils have looked at a basic history of weave and the weaving process.  P7s have also had great fun making their own weaves! There have been some fantastic results! Visit our blog next week to see some of our finished products!

 1. Firstly pupils learned about looms and how to make their own loom using recycled materials.

2. Then pupils have experimented with different yarns and wools exploring how these can affect the look and texture of a weave.

3. Pupils have also experimented with recycled fabrics and tassel techniques.

4. Pupils have developed skills in the visual element of pattern and colour.

Responses from P7 Pupils 

‘I really enjoyed it! I have learnt a bit about a history of weave and it is fun!’

‘During the project I have started to practise my own weaves at home aswell!’