C4H Parkour

Today we were at Parkour and Hedge was teaching us to balance and showing us different ways for catching and throwing. We did under and over arm throwing and we started easy and worked our way to tricky!

The easiest for some people was under arm and catching with two hands. We started close together and got further away from our partners. The hardest was over arm with our weakest hand. There was a mixture of people who found it easy and people who needed to practise.

After we practised the throwing and catching on the ground, we tried it while on the equipment and Mrs Hoy said the concentrating looks on our faces were quite funny! We were trying to catch the bean bags wherever we were on the equipment. Some people were being very creative and some people wanted to go basic and others wanted to go hard core!

At the end Hedge played music and told us to dance while doing Parkour. It was great fun but quite tricky! We were doing a mixture of hanging with our arms and dancing with our legs and balancing with our feet and dancing with our arms 🙂 Some people had cool types of dance moves.

Now we know what it feels like for a monkey to dance! We thought it was gobsmackingly excellent!