C4 Parkour

Today at the start of the lesson we talked over everything that we have learned from the start of us going to Parkour. We learned how to challenge ourselves but to think about what level of challenge was right for us. We were working in pairs and threes to give each other instructions using the words:

  • Under
  • Over
  • Through
  • Along
  • Between
  • Around
  • Beside

The last challenge we did was The Floor is Lava, we had to get from one end of the space to the other without touching the floor. After we had tried it a few times, we had to make rules for ourselves to make it trickier. Some of the rules were:

  • Try to floss while balancing
  • Only use metal
  • Use every box
  • Try to use all of the higher bars
  • Only touch wood

We had a great time 🙂