Pròiseact – ‘Fàs’ a’ tighinn gu Clas 3

Tha sinn uabhasach toilichte gu bheil an companaidh Imaginate gu bhith ag obrachadh còmhla ri sgoilearan C3 an teirm seo.  Tha Rona Dhòmhnallach, cleasaiche à Uibhist a Deas gu bhith an sàs anns a’ phròiseact.

We are delighted that creative producer Rona MacDonald will work with both P3 classes every Friday until February 2019.  She will looking at migration and work with the classes to create a piece of movement and live performance.  This will then be shared with our community in early 2019.

Below is a link to an article that the Evening News posted this week:



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