C5s Bundle of Learning!

Castle Project

This week, when the visitors from the castle came, they brought a big pile of costumes! We were given our costumes and practised our lines, we have a lot of work to do!  We are making a film about Mary Queen of Scots and both classes have 3 scenes. This weekend, we all need to practise our lines and the songs becasue we are filming it on Tuesday 26th of February, next week!


The first group in C5C went to swimming this week and thought it was very fun! They did lengths of the pool in different strokes. We also did treading water and floating.


In maths this week, we were learning about co-ordinates and we found out that the x axis and the y axis don’t stop at zero! They continue into negative numbers and there are four quadrants. This means that co-ordinates can have negative numbers in them. The important thing to always always remember is to go ‘along the corridor (x axis) and up the stairs (y axis)’. We know that co-ordinates are used for Sat Nav and on maps.

The co-ordinates on our sheets made different pictures, we also made challenges for our friends and played battle ships.