Leanabh beag a’ tabhail oirnn!

Tha sinn air tòrr ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn dè mar a bhios sinn a’ coimhead as deidh leanabhan. Tha sinn air a bhidh a’ coimhead as deidh na doilichean san Sgoil Àraich.

Bha sinn gu math fortanach  nuair a thainig Frances  a-steach a chèilidh oirnn leis an leanabh beag aice.  Bha Frances ag innse dhuinn ciamar a bhios i a’ coimhead as deidh a leanabh aice agus a’ freagairt na ceistean a bha againn  mu dheidhinn leanabhan.

The children have really enjoyed finding out about babies this term. They have participated in lots of role play activities with the Sgoil Àraich dolls and have enjoyed looking after and caring for them.

 We were also able to find out all about how to care for a real baby too! We are very fortunate that Frances, one of our mums gave up her time to come in with her baby. Frances was able to answer all the children’s questions on how to care for real babies!

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