EPSSA Cross Country – Clas 6L/T

On Monday the 25th of March, 12 excited children travelled to Duddingston to compete in the EPSSA Cross Country Championships with Miss Mactaggart and George Lupton, alongside other parent helpers at the event.

The girls managed to finish the race in 8th, 36th, 69th, 98th and 102nd position, out of 250 children – resulting in a top 10 finisher medal for the girls.  The boys also raced hard and finished 11th, 125th, 169th, 186th and 187th, meaning the boys only narrowly missed out on also being awarded a top 10 finisher medal.

These results are fantastic and both the children and their coaches, Mr Vitry and George Lupton should be commended for their hard training efforts.  All children conducted themselves well and showed respect to other people, both at the event and on the public transport both there and back.  Well done! Here’s to the next race…!