C5s Short Week!

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. To start with we were learning the names of different 2D shapes, e.g. octagon, hexagon and pentagon. We also learned about regular and irregular shapes. Regular shapes are when all of the sides are even. We were thinking about all of the different things that we know about 2D shapes and to start with, we got 11 facts about a rectangle but when we thought really hard, we knew 18 different facts about a rectangle!! Our facts were things like:

  • Rectangles have 4 right angles
  • Rectangles have 4 vertices
  • Rectangles have no diagonal lines of symmetry
  • Shapes with 4 sides are also known as quadrilaterals
  • The parallel lines in rectangles are equal

We have also been learning about how to measure the perimeter of a shape. We can calculate a perimeter by adding all of the sides together.

On Friday morning, we worked a lot on times tables and talked about our learning ladder. We decided to make sure we were very confident and quick at answering the questions for the times tables at the start of the ladder so that we don’t climb up the ladder and end up with a shoogly ladder like Mr Bean. We are aiming to know all of the times tables for going in to P6.

To finish the week, we also made some funny number jokes!