C7 WB 30.09.19

In Sports this week we really enjoyed doing a hockey tournament. We have been learning about zones and staying in position which has made it a lot easier to pass and work well as a team.

This week, we started a new way of organising our learning. We had the opportunity to do independent learning, then we worked in a small group with Ms Hoy, Ms Brown , Ms Charnley, Mr Vitry or Mr Charity. For independent learning we had a lot of choices and we did activities like modelling using spaghetti and blu tac or junk, making board games, editing texts, kaboom (maths game) making a maths jigsaw and playing a marbles game to learn times tables. It was fun being independent and getting to choose our activities.

Today, we got started with our skills for life, work and creativity. We had groups doing role play, knitting, running club (time trials), drama and art. We decorated big jotters to show our personalities and interests. We are going to use the jotters for proof of learning. Today, after our activities, we marked what we had learned and thought about our goals.