C7 Pizza Party

A group of C7s made pitta pizzas on Friday during our skills for life, work and creativity lesson. First we had to wash our hands and the tables to make sure we were being hygienic. We washed the vegetables and then we chopped them and made sure the oven was at the right temperature. We learned how to peel mushrooms and we were practising using knives safely.

‘It was so satisfying peeling the mushrooms!’

This week, we decided to share out the cooking and everyone got to taste the pizzas.

‘They were healthy and tasty!’

We also recently made Blueberry Muffins and unfortunately we didn’t have a scale to measure the weight of the ingredients so we had to do a lot of maths calculations to work out the right measurements. We converted the measurements into cups.

We have also had a group playing music together and a group learning how to use a sewing machine. We enjoyed a great dance performance from a group who had worked hard to make a well coordinated routine.


In maths we have been making calendars so we have been learning about time and the biggest part of our learning in maths just now is Enterprise.

We are learning about profit and loss and how important it is to think about money when running a business. This week we are working out how much we are spending to make our calendars and then we will decide how much to sell them for to make sure that we make a profit.


We are learning about how to analyse a text and how to create character logs and we are also learning about how to create a setting using interesting vocabulary. For writing our own settings, we were given an image and we had to use it creatively.

We are reading ‘Wonder’ just now as our class novel.

‘Wonder is helping us to think about what might be going on around us and that everything isn’t perfect. It has helped us to look through the eyes of someone who has a disadvantage. It helps us to think about how everyone is not the same and that it is important not to judge people because they are different.’