C7 Decimal Week!

In maths this week we have been learning about and working on decimals. We have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals including working with negative numbers. We have been working on rounding to the nearest whole number, tenth and hundredth.

We have also started doing ‘Number of the Day’ where each day we put a new number up and we have to do different mental arithmetic related to the number. Our numbers this week have had one or two decimal places.

In literacy this week, we did a Gaelic written piece about our hopes and wishes for the year ahead. We also completed a book review of Wonder in English.

This week, during our Friday ‘Skills for Life, Work and Creativity’ session, we had a group working on making a moving carriage with an axle which will work on a zip line, a group creating a volcano, a group working with clay to make a scene about endangered animals and many more exiting projects on the go! We also have a team in training for the cross country running festival!

Obair-dachaigh Teirm 3


In the third term we are working on finding information in texts and we would like children to come to school with one piece of news they have heard or read.  They will present this piece of news to the class each Monday afternoon.  In class we will be working on note taking and developing our Gaelic oral skills.


Clas 2D- 6/01/20

Fàilte gu blog Clas 2D.

An t-seachdain seo bha àm spòrsail againn a’ bruidhinn mu na saor-làithean againn agus rinn sinn beagan obair air an Matamataigs againn. San dealbh seo tha na sgoilearan ag obair air na h-àireamhan 1-100.

Cuideachd chluich sinn an geama KABOOM, abair spòrs!

Bha sinn cuideachd ag ionnsachadh mu na ràithean agus an seòrsa t-sìde a chì sinn anns gach ràith. Leis an eòlas seo rinn sinn clàr de na mìosan san òrdugh cheart agus dealbhan a’ sealltainn an aimsir anns gach ràith.