We have had a lovely week in C7.


In maths we have started to learn about expressions and equations. We have been learning that a letter or symbol can represent a number. We learned about how things can be represented in equations, e.g.

t + t + t + t or 4 x t would be written as 4t

We worked on a variety of different equations and used our knowledge of arithmetic to help us to find the missing numbers.

In literacy, we are working on reading and writing non-fiction texts. We spent time looking at Gaelic non-fiction books and looking up a lot of technical topic words which we needed to translate to help us to understand the meaning of the text.

We also had a very informative visit from a doctor who came to speak to us (in Gaelic) about the effects of alcohol on the body.

We have a few new projects on the go for our Friday sessions, some people have started woodwork projects and we are building a theme park using our new Knex.