Dùbhlan Sumdog/Sumdog Challenge C3F

Hai Clas 3F!

Tha sinn air Dùbhlan Sumdog a chur air dòigh dhuibh airson na sgilean roinneadh agaibh a leasachadh.  Gheibh sibh an dùbhlan air app Sumdog.  Tha e ri fhaighinn bho madainn an-diugh gu 5f Dihaoine. Deagh fhortan!

We have created a Division Revision challenge for you all to play on Sumdog to help develop your skills in division.  Your login details can be found attached to your jotter and you will need to download the app to play.  It will be available to play from this morning until 5pm on Friday.  Good luck!

or visit sumdog.com and login that way.


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