Faclan Cumanta 2, 3 & 4

Faclan Cumanta 2

Faclan Cumanta 3a 3b

Faclan cumanta 4a

Faclan Cumanta 4b

Seo na Faclan Cumanta – eagal ‘s nach eil liosta agaibh aig an taigh. Seall air Seata 2 agus mas urrainn dhuibh a h-uile fear a litreachadh, gluas air adhart gu Seata 3 agus an uairsin gu Seata 4.

Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi seo cuideachail.

Tidsearan C4

Here are the common words – just in case you don’t have a list of them at home. Take a look at Set 2 and if you can spell them all correctly move on to Set 3  and possibly even to Set 4. Parents – it should be noted that there is no expectation for P4 to be able to spell Set 4 – I’ve just put them up in case some pupils fancy a bit of a challenge.

I hope this helps,

C4 teachers.

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