Nurture – 2020.03.26 – Hope/Dòchas

Dear Class Nurture,

I hope you’re all well and getting into a good rhythm at home. If it’s tricky to stay on task in a different environment, remember to try some of the strategies we use in class, like using a timer to chunk activities and allowing yourself regular ‘brain breaks’ for movement if you’re struggling to concentrate. Your brain will thank you for letting go of some of those ‘wiggles’ and, when you return to your task, you should feel more able to settle again.

If it feels overwhelming, for you or your parents/carers, that’s totally understandable. At times like this, think back to the ‘feel betters’ we talked about and choose something that helps you to calm down, feel safe or cheer up in that moment. Here’s a lovely example from a pupil in our group, so perhaps you could make a colourful poster of options to choose from when you need it.

Some ideas of ‘feel betters’

Getting outside feels more important than ever right now and some creative children have started something called ‘The Rainbow Trail’, where you draw a rainbow, as a sign of hope, and put it in your window. Then have fun spotting them in other windows on your daily walk, along with teddy bears for those who are joining the other global game of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. Ours are pictured below and I’d love to see photos of your window display, if you do this.

Rainbow Trail and Bear Hunt

I hope that some of these things will help you to stay cheerful, even in these challenging times.

Thinking of you all,

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