C7 01.05.20

Hi C7,

Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh seachdain mhath agaibh agus deagh dheireadh-sheachdain dhuibh.

Seo na freagairtean airson matamataig na seachdain:

Maths Answers Week Beginning 27th April

Tha bhidio bheag an seo dhuibh agus beagan spòrs airson Dihaoine!

Here’s a little Friday message for you with a new Friday game!


We also have this lovely picture of Taobh na Pàirce if anyone has a printer and fancies a bit of colouring!


4 Replies to “C7 01.05.20”

  1. I think that the first one is your welcome from moana and the second one i have know idea and the last one is maybe salt and pepper.

    1. Hi Ruby,
      ‘S math a’ rinn thu!
      I thought you would know number 2 because you sang it in the Usher Hall!
      Have a nice weekend, Ms Hoy

  2. Hello,
    The 1 Song was Moana ” Your Welcome. ”
    The 2 Song was The Lion King ” Circle of Life. ”
    I can’t figure out the last song.

    Sayen x

    1. Hi Sayen,
      ‘S math a’ rinn thu!
      The third one was Peat and Diesel, salt and pepper!

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