[C3/2 – 05/05/20] Dimàirt | Tuesday

Madainn mhath! Good morning!

An-diugh ‘s e Dimàirt an 5mh latha den Chèitean a th’ ann.

Today is Tuesday, the 5th of May.

Tha sinn a-nis air 151 làithean a chur seachad am bliadhna ann an Clas 3/2.

Today is our 151st day in Clas 3/2.


In the maths warm-up activity, the children should write the numbers 2-10 (not 10-20 as written in the post) on cards and 1-10 on the legs of their bug because otherwise they would never get the numbers 1-5 when they halved them and that would be no fun! I’m very sorry about this mistake.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Bloomer

C3-2 Daily Activities 5.05.20

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2 Replies to “[C3/2 – 05/05/20] Dimàirt | Tuesday”

  1. Hi Miss Bloomer, wee question about the number of the day grid; what does the new bottom right grid mean? We can’t figure it out. Thank you. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      one chilli means try and make 50 using addition and subtraction and 2 chillis means try making 50 using addition, subtraction, multiplication and dividion. Apologies if it wasn’t clear. Hope you are all doing well.

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