C7 05.05.20

Hi C7,

Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh deireadh sheachdain mhath agaibh agus deagh latha de shaor-laithean an-de!

Hunt Clipart Treasure Hunt - Girl Detective Clipart , Transparent ...

We really enjoy receiving your emails and it is lovely to see all of the fantastic work you are sending. Can we ask that every time you send work, you make sure it is clearly titled. It has been hard sometimes to work out what the work is. So for example, if you are sending maths, write on your work which day and which chilli the work is. Could you also try to send it the right way up and check the photo to make sure it is not blurry and we will be able to read it. We are receiving a lot of lovely work so it is quite tricky for us to have to do detective work to figure out what we are looking at! Mòran taing!

Here is our learning for today, remember there is also the STEAM grid from last week with some extra ideas for you to try.


CLAS 7 LITEARRACHD 5mh den Cheitean 2020 CLASS 7 LITERACY 5.5.20

A’ cruthachadh suidheachadh

Class 7 Written Work – Week Beginning 5-5-20 – english overview



Maths Dimairt 05.05.20

3 chillies Distance-time-graphs

3 chillies graph Tuesday

Word problems you created last week and sent in!


Ionnsachadh san Dachaigh




Growth Mindset Examples




For Mrs Watson’s art task, don’t worry if you don’t have access to a printer, draw the picture to colour it.

Art P7 plant shading

Bho Ms Hoy, Mgr Neithercut, Mgr Vitry agus Ms Brown

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    1. Hi Julianne,
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      Nice sunny day here in Edinburgh 🙂
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