Nurture – 13.05.2020 – Emotion Talks 10

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you’re finding ways to check-in at home using some of the resources in your Nurture pack, like the Blob Tree.

Today, Bucas woke feeling thoughtful (smaointeachail) after his conversation with his grandparents yesterday. He saw how happy they were with his book of pictures about his favourite place – at the caravan with them – and he wondered what else he could do to make other people feel that way.

Tha Bucas a’ faireachdainn smaointeachail

He starts thinking about his friends, who all got matching haircuts after his clippers broke mid-haircut, and printed out a photo of them together to put in the post.

On his way home, he saw an elderly neighbour, who was too frail to walk her dog beyond the garden. So Bucas offered to bring her dog with him and Cuilean and she was delighted!

Back at home, he bakes Mum her favourite cakes and then, after realising that he’s left a big mess in the kitchen, even cleans up everything after himself!

At the end of the day, his parents tell him how they’ve noticed how thoughtful he’s been and give him a small gift to show their thanks. Of course, Bucas tells them that he wasn’t expecting anything but is very glad with his new kite!

What kinds of thoughtful things might your character do for those around them just now? I’d love to hear your ideas and see your cartoons!

Tìoraidh an-dràsda!

Dawn 😊