C7 20.05.20

Hi C7,

Tha sinn an dòchas gu bheil sibh uile gu math.


Chan eil mi ach air litreachadh a thoirt dhuibh an-diugh a chionn gu bheil obair agaibh bho Mgr Neithercut | I haven’t assigned any additional literacy apart from spelling today, as you have writing from Mr Neithercut to complete.  

Ma tha thu air crìoch a chur air an obair sgrìobhaidh a thug Mgr Neithercut dhuibh, faodaidh sibh beagan leughaidh pearsanta a dhèanamh, cho math ris an obair litreachaidh. | If you have completed the written work Mr Neithercut set for you, you can do a little personal reading as well as your spelling.

CLAS 7 LITEARRACHD 20mh den Cheitean 2020 CLASS 7 LITERACY 20.5.20 


Maths Diciadain 20.05.20

For the one chilli problems, draw yourself a number line or use this online tool:


Maths 1 chilli Word Problems Diciadain

2 and 3 chilli video explanation:

Maths 2 chillies Diciadain

Maths 3 chillies Diciadain


5 Replies to “C7 20.05.20”

  1. Hello! Could you remind me where the powerpoint list of spelling words is please for C7?
    Moran taing!

    1. Hi, Alison, I’ll email them over to you to save you going back through the blog. Le deagh dhurachdan, Miss B 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Brown

    You said in literacy that there was a Gaelic and English PowerPoint on week 18 th but I didn’t see any spelling power point, only the story genre work.
    From Mary-Ellen ☹️

    1. Hello, Mary-Ellen, There should have been two PowerPoints to download at the start of term. I can email them to you instead of going back through the blog. I’ll do that now. Deagh dhurachdan, Miss B 🙂

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