[C3 21.05.20] Diardaoin | Thursday

Madainn mhath C3,

‘S e Diardaoin a th’ ann. Chì sibh d’obair agus am measadh litreachadh gu h-ìosal.

Ciamar a chaidh leibh leis a bhith ag èisteachd a-mach airson leam anns na h-òranan an dè? Seo òranan a bharrachd  le “leam”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AkjiBRugPY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2zgcxZCEU.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1IszKoj2GY.

Tapadh leibh airson na mapaichean sgeulachd agaibh. Tha sibh air a bhith ag obair cho cruaidh! Bu thoil leam gu mòr ma chuireas sibh an obair sin an àrd air Learning Journals mar nach eil sibh air seo a dhèanamh mu thràth.

Mòran taing,

A’ Bh-Uas Stone

C3 Daily Activities 21.5.20

Good morning C3,

It’s Thursday and you can find your Daily Activities and your spelling test attached.

Did you hear “leam” in the songs yesterday? Here’s some more songs.  Listen out for “leam”.

Thank you so much for uploading your story maps. You’ve been working so hard!  I’d love it if you could upload this activity to Learning Journals if you’ve not done this yet.

Many thanks,

Mrs Stone

4 Replies to “[C3 21.05.20] Diardaoin | Thursday”

  1. Hi. I didn’t understand today’s warm up. Do the answer has to be 5 because 5 is the star number . Just confused. Can u show some example. Please.

    1. Hi Vilma,

      So for the warm up activity, the idea is to make a 2 or 3 digit number using any of the purple cards, but 5 must be used each time in the tens column, for example: 52, 56, 352, 653. The idea is to see how many different combinations you can make, but always ensuring there are 5 tens.

      I hope this makes sens and is helpful.

      Mrs Stone

  2. Hi in Pearl home learning pack there is 1 book I can’t find in sound cloud . Pearl cannot read it. The book is losamh agus am baidhsagal. Can u help me . Please. Where can I find this book in audio. So that pearl can listen and learn to read.

    1. Hi Vilma,

      Yes, unfortunately that book is not on Soundcloud. You could try to use it to identify the common words, or see if there are any other words Pearl can read. Thankfully Storyworlds have been made available online now, so please find the link in Monday’s blog and you can choose a book to read on there.

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