[C5 22.05.20 – Ais bheachd Giglets is beagan spòrs]


Halò a chàirdean, is e Diahoine a th’ ann a-màireach mar sin cha bheir mi dhuibh obair ùr ri dhèanamh ach seo dhuibh beagan fiosrachaidh is spòrs. / Hello friends, happy Friday for tomorrow.  That means no new work, instead here is some information and fun.

An t-seachdain sa chaidh, rinn sibh obair mheasaidh dhomh air Giglets.  Sgrìobh mi ais-bheachd dhuibh air Giglets – air an tuigse agaibh agus air an sgrìobhadh agaibh. Leis gu bheil sin caran annasach seo dealbh a tha a’ sealltainn dhuibh mar a gheibh sibh greim air.  Bruth air an ‘task’ a bh’ agaibh agus bruth air ‘continue’.  Tha còir gun nochd e.        / Last week you did an assessed piece for me on Giglets. I have written you all feedback on Giglets – on your reading comprehension and your creative writing.  As Giglets is something of a mystery here is a picture showing you how to access the feedback.  Click back on the ‘task’ set and click continue.

Gu fortanach fhuair mi iomadh sgeulachd mìorbhaileach a chòrd rium glan.  Bha min dùil a chòrdadh an fhear seo riubh, a rinn cuideigin ann an C5H.  I received some really wonderful stories which were a joy to read.  I thought you’d enjoy reading this one which was particularly wonderful from a child in C5H.

“Gillesbaig walked in a slow pace past Nollaig towards the finish line. In the distance Nollaig heard cheering and clapping which woke him from his doziness and incredibly, he started running again. Meanwhile Gillesbaig was approaching the finish line, thinking he was the winner!

During this tense time, the creator and ruler of the world had a frightful plan. Comically he thought about flipping the reverse switch, which would send everyone backwards. Now it looked like Nollaig was winning but stupidly he went back under the tree for a nap again! Steadily Gillesbaig overtook the hare with pride. Unlike earlier (or later) there was no clapping to wake Nollaig up, however, he jumped with happiness and ran backwards at a crazy speedy pace.

Still in front, Gillesbaig approached the finish line (or starting line) but Nollaig was about a meter away. It was going to be a close race, maybe a photo finish! Finally the race ended with a tie! You would think there would be gasps of shock, sadly all you could hear was the wise owl speaking backwards. Everyone eventually left backwards to their homes and looked forward to yesterday.”


Cuimhnich gu bheil quiz air na fuaimean agaibh air sumdog.com, ‘er’ agus ‘ow’ mur nach eil sibh air a dhèananmh feuch gun dèan sibh e oir bi fear ùr ann an ath Dhiciadain.  / Remember there’s a the sumdog quiz on this weeks phonics sounds ‘er’ and ‘ow’ the new one will be popping up on Wednesday so try to complete it before them.

Mu dheireadh, seo bhideo bhon a’ Bh-uas NicPhàil is i a’ dèanamh beagan saidheans spòrsail bhon chidsin aice.  Feuch sibh fhèin, abair coltas spòrsail a th’ air!  Finally here’s  a wee video from Miss MacPhail, she’s doing some fun science from her kitchen.  See if you can have a wee go yourself!

Deagh dheireadh sheachdain dhuibh is bidh sinn air ais an-seo Diluain!

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