[C7 – 25.05.2020 – Français] Some news from our Belgian Penpals!

Bonjour à tous,

Despite Belgium and Belgian schools also being in lockdown and the student learning from home, we just received some mail form our penpals! They managed to group their answers to the many questions we asked them.

They have asked their teacher about how you were doing and how you were coping with lockdown. They are very interested to know how you spend your days and what activities you are doing at home. Lets see if we can write them a letter and let them know how we are doing at the moment.

Nous apprenons à écrire une lettre en français qui présente nos activités quotidiennes. Nous apprenons à lire et à adapter un modèle de lettre pour communiquer avec des correspondants.
We are learning to write a letter in French to describe our daily activities. We are learning to read and to adapt a letter template to write to our penpals.

Task: Write a letter to our penpals using the letter template.

Step 1. Have a look on TEAMS in the “Files” folder of the FRENCH Channel and look for your name. In the letter you received, you’ll find answers to your questions, some in French, some in English. You might also find questions for you to answer! If you need any help to read those letters, please let me know.

Step 2. Read the Letter Template available here and on TEAMS.

Step 3. Adapt the template to your daily routine to share 5 to 10 activities of your day. The parts that you have to adapt are written in blue.

Optional: If any, you can answer (in French or in English) the questions of our penpals.

Step 4. Send your letter me your letter for feedback and I’ll send it to Belgium.


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  1. Dear Mr Vitry
    I hope that you had a nice weekend!
    I was wondering for when we are done with our french work do we actually send it to you or do we send it through Microsoft Teams?
    Best wishes Ruby

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