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  1. Hi,
    Siusaidh’s mum here. Thank you for the link to new reading books. This is great as we had run out. However I’m having issues locating new brown reading books. All other colours seem to be there scattered through the pages but no brown level 7. I did find Twiga and Mamba which I know are level 7 as we have them but they are only catalogued through their front pages and not their colours so I wonder if the others at the level are the same? Is it possible to send me the titles in that level (do you even have access to that?!) so that I can find more.? I have found the lilac level up but she’s keen to stay In brown that level and having tried her on one of the levels up, she’s more than keen to stay at level 7! Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I know that it’s quite a confusing website at the best of times but I’ve just had a look and I think that some of the book covers are missing the colours so that makes things even more complicated! I found the following books from Storyworlds 7. There are two others which Siusaidh hasn’t had yet but which I couldn’t find unfortunately but these six should keep you busy for a wee while at least. And perhaps then Siusaidh will want to move on the lilac books.

      Am bat-criogaid: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/210
      Fraoch: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/210
      An gille ùr: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/211
      Àr nabaidh: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/212
      Na greusaiche agus na sìthichean: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/215
      Am prionnsa mile-mhàg: https://seosibh.storlann.co.uk/jspui/handle/1/213

      I hope those links work and are helpful!
      Miss Bloomer

      1. REALLY helpful; THANK YOU! These will indeed keep us busy for a good while. She’s so much stronger in English reading than Gaelic so it’s great to be able to keep going with the story world books. Thanks so much for checking all that out. We’ve read the first now already which seems to have been a mystery, which she likes, so all good! Thanks again, Lisa

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