C2 – taic-ionnsachaidh – 1.6.20

Fàilte air ais C2!  Seo obair fonaigs agus facail chumanta na seachdain seo dhuibh.  Tha sinn a’ gluasad air adhart gu Facail Chumanta 2a agus ag obair leis an digraf mh.

Welcome back C2! Here are your support for learning phonics and sight words for this week.  We are moving on to set 2 of the sight words and working with the digraph mh.

a) Facail chumanta / sight words:  Seo seata 2a.  An urrainn dhut gin dhiubh a leughadh mar thà?  Na gabh dragh mura urrainn.  Tagh 3 airson ionnsachadh an t-seachdain seo.

Here is set 2a of the sight words.  Can you read any of them already?  Don’t worry if not.  Choose 3 to learn this week.

Seo fuaim agus powerpoint airson do chuideachadh.  Tha facail ùra ann an clò gorm.  Dh’ionnsaich thu na facail ann an clò uaine mar thà.

Here is an audio track and a powerpoint to help you.  The new words in the powerpoint are in blue ink.  The words in green ink are ones you have already learned in set 1 or other words from set 2.

Facail chumanta 2a  – powerpoint 

b) Fonaigs:  Listen to the  sounds and words on the powerpoint (or pdf and audio if powerpoint is unavailable on your computer) Fonaigs m agus mh

guidance re phonics powerpoints

fonaigs m agus mh le fuaim

fonaigs m agus mh gun fhuaim  (audio file below)

c) Leughadh: Have a go at reading each page yourself before listening to the recording.   Look out especially for words beginning or ending with m or mh.

Sgaoth Reubadairean 2

Sgaoth Reubadairean 2  (gun fhuaim) audio file below

Sgaoth Dineasairean 4

Sgaoth Dineasairean 4 gun fhuaim (audio file below)

d) Geama: Playing a game is a great way to help your child quickly recognise sight words and / or phonics words.  One idea is given below that you could play with your child.   There are more games to help with reading and / or spelling on the taic-ionnsachaidh blog on the school website, which you can find via this link: Reading and spelling games

3 ann an sreath / 3 in a row (geama airson 2 / a game for 2):  You will need different coloured counters or a different coloured pen for each player.  Make a grid of 9 boxes like this on a whiteboard or piece of paper.  Make sure the boxes are large enough to write words in.

Write one of the sight words in each box.  Players take it in turn to read one of the words.  If they read  correctly they can cover it with a counter of their colour or circle it with their pen.  If they don’t know what it says or get it wrong, the other player has a turn.  The aim is to get 3 counters in a row.