C3 – taic-ionnsachaidh – 1.6.20

Fàilte air ais C3!  Seo obair fonaigs agus facail chumanta na seachdain seo dhuibh.  Tha sinn ag obair le Facail Chumanta 2a agus leis an digraf rr an t-seachdain seo.

Welcome back C3! Here are your support for learning phonics and sight words for this week.  We are working on sight words set 2a and with the digraph rr this week.

a) Fonaigs: Digraf eile an t-seachdain seo – rr.  Practas a’ leughadh nam facal agus a’ sgriobhadh nam fuaimean.

We’ re learning more about the digraph rr this week.  Practise reading the words and writing the sounds.

Fonaigs rr

Fonaigs rr gun fhuaim  (audio track below)

b) Facail chumanta / sight words:  Seo seata 2a.  Dè an fheadhainn is urrainn dhut a leughadh mar thà?  Tagh 5 a tha doirbh dhut a leughadh no a litreachadh airson ionnsachadh an t-seachdain seo.

Here is set 2a of the sight words.  Which of them can you read already?    Choose 5 that are tricky for you to either read or spell to learn this week to work on this week.

Seo fuaim agus powerpoint airson do chuideachadh.  Tha facail ùra ann an clò ghorm.  Dh’ionnsaich thu na facail ann an clò uaine mar thà.  Practas iad le bhith a’ cluich an geama gu h-iosal.

Here is an audio track and a powerpoint to help you.  The new words in the powerpoint are in blue ink.  The words in green ink are ones you have already learned in set 1 or other words from set 2.  You could practise them by playing the game at the end of this blog!

Facail chumanta 2a  – powerpoint 

c) Geama: Practas a’ sgriobhadh facail chumanta no facail le rr le bhith a’ cluich an geama seo, no geama eile bhon bhlog seo.  Practise writing sight words or rr words by playing this game or another game from the following blog:  http://www.taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk/index.php/2020/04/28/c2-c7-leughadh-agus-litreachadh-28-04-20-geamannan/

THOIR DHOMH AM FACAL (Bring me the word):  Write the words you are learning in large letters on pieces of paper or card and stick them up around the house or in a safe space outside.  One person calls out a word and the other person has to run/walk/hop/skip to the word, write it on their whiteboard and bring it back to the person who called it out.  If they have written the word correctly, they swap places.  If not, they have another go.