C7 – taic-ionnsachaidh – 1.6.20

Ciamar a tha sibh?  Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil na laithean grianach seo a’ còrdadh ribh!  ‘S e an t-Òg-mhios a th’ann mu thràth!

Seo obair taic-ionnsachaidh  na seachdaine.  Feuch an obair fonaigs an toiseach an turas seo, ach feuch beagan obair air na facail chumanta a  dhèanamh cuideachd ma tha ùine gu leòr agad.  Cuimhnich gu bheil e nas fhurasta rudeigin ionnsachadh ma nì thu beagan obair air gu tric.

Here is your support for learning work for this week.  Try the phonics work first this week, but try and do a wee bit of work on learning to spell some of the sight words too.   Have a go at teaching somebody in your family some of the sight words you are working.  Remember that most people learn best by practising little and often.

a) Fonaigs / phonics:     Listen to the  sounds and words on the powerpoint (or pdf and audio if powerpoint is unavailable on your computer) Fonaigs d caol and follow the instructions.

guidance re phonics powerpoints

Fonaigs d caol C7  le fuaim

Fonaigs d caol C7  gun fhuaim  (audio track below)

b) Facail chumanta:  Èist ri agus leugh suas ri 5 facail chumanta eile bhon seata seo.   Listen to and read up to 5 more common words from this set:

facail chumanta 3a*

* Cuimhnich ma tha na facail seo ro fhurasta no ro dhoirbh dhut, is urrainn dhut seata eile fheuchainn.  Tha na seataichean air fad rin lorg an seo:   Remember that if these words are too difficult or too easy for you, you can try a different set. You can find all the sets of common words here: http://www.taobhnapairce.edin.sch.uk/index.php/2020/04/27/taic-ionnsachaidh-2020-03-30-facail-chumanta/

Try some of the fun spelling ideas or the game given on that blog to practise spelling some of the words.

c) Geama:  Play a game to help you learn to quickly recognise and/or spell sight words and phonics words.  You will find games to help with reading and / or spelling on the taic-ionnsachaidh blog on the school website, which you can find via this link: Reading and spelling games.   Or you could make up a new game!