Teachdaireachd bho Fhèis Lite | A Message from Leith Festival

Faic teachdaireachd bho Fhèis Lite | See bellow message from Leith Festival

Since we are not able to run the usual schools poster competition this year, we have created a more informal poster challenge for young people (and anyone else who fancies getting involved)!

We are challenging people to create a poster showing what they think about Leith Past, Present and Future.

See post about it here – https://www.facebook.com/leithfestival/posts/10158267074384929

The idea is that similar to the rainbow posters at the beginning of lockdown, people can create a picture local to Leith, and put it in their windows for others to see when they are out and about in the area, and also share it with Leith Festival on our facebook/twitter pages. 

We hope you enjoy taking part!

Rita Crombie & Leith Festival