[C3 26.06.20] Dihaoine | Friday

Madainn mhath C3S,

‘S e Dihaoine a th’ ann agus  tha sinn a-nis air deireidh na teirm a ruigeil. Glè mhath a h-uile duin’ agaibh. Tapadh leat airson bliadhna sgoinneil agus airson an obair cruaidh a rinn sibh fhèin agus do theaglaichean.

Seo agaibh “Sway” le dealbhan de cuimhnichean againn bhon bliadhna.  https://sway.office.com/o9TsnAYpd5otGEES?ref=Link

It’s Friday and we’ve reached the last day of term! Well done everyone. Thank you for a great year and all your hard work and kindness from yourselves and your families.

Please click the link above to the “Sway newsletter” to see a gallery of our memories of our year in C3S.

Have a lovely Summer,

Le gaol,

A’ Bh-Uas Stone









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