Tapadh leibh gu mòr airson an obair cruaidh a rinn sibh leis an obair dhachaigh. | Many thanks for all your hard work with homework

Leughadh | Reading

Please check your child’s school bag for a new reading book. These will be given out on Wednesdays.  I would be if you could take the time to read through it with them. Please find the Soundcloud links below. Reading books will be collected on Tuesday.

Oh Mo Chreach! https://soundcloud.com/gaelic4parents/o-mo-chreach?in=gaelic4parents/sets/storyworlds-series-two

Mathain agus  a’ Mhil- https://soundcloud.com/gaelic4parents/na-mathain-agus-a-mhil

An Sionnach agus a’ Chorra-gheal  https://soundcloud.com/gaelic4parents/an-sionnach-agus-a-chorra-ghe

Peasan agus na Cleasan- https://soundcloud.com/gaelic4parents/peasan-agus-na-cleasan

Litreachadh | Spelling

We are practising spelling the following words in class. Check out the grid attached below for some fun activity ideas to do at home.

carson (why)

airson  (for; want to)

th’ ann (it is

bh’ ann (it was)

Eisimpleirean de seantansan: Carson a tha thu brònach? (Why are you sad?)  Tha mi airson cluich a-muigh. (I want to play outside.)                                                     ‘S e Diciadainn a th’ ann. (It is Wednesday.)                                                                              ‘S e  Dimairt a bh’ ann. (It was Tuesday.)

C3 homework grid

Mòran taing,

A’ Bh-Uas NicDhughaill