Clas 5R Reading books week beginning 29 November 2021

Week beginning 29 Nov 2021

In Clas 5R Gàidhlig reading will be done on Monday or Tuesday with books sent home by Tuesday.  Reading will also be heard on Friday.  Please make sure that your child brings their reading book to school every day in their schoolbag.  We are working on encouraging Gàidhlig speaking confidence to support and develop reading fluency and expression.  The reading groups have changed slightly with an emphasis on challenging the comprehension skills of the more fluent readers.  These groups will move through the Storyworld ‘Bridges’ texts at a pace that reflects and develops their comprehension skills.  I will make every effort to make sure children are comfortable with their progression and will review groups again if necessary.  Please email the me via the school office if you would like to discuss your child’s Gàidhlig reading progress.

Each week children will also be offered the opportunity to take a short Gàidhlig novel home for reading for pleasure.  These novels do not have online soundfiles.

The reading books for each group with suggested pages for reading at home are listed below.  The Soundfiles for each of the reading books below are available at Gaelic4parents website.

Gàidhlig Reading: Week 7 beginning 30.11.21

B1: Raghnall Reubaire a’ cumail sùbailte

30.11.21       d.(page)2 gu 5

01.12.21       d.6 gu 9

02.12.21       d.10 gu 12

B2: An trì-mheurach seunta.

30.11.21       d.(page)2 gu 6

01.12.21       d.7 gu 11

02.12.21       d.12 gu 16

B3: Sìm – an Lorg-phoileas as Fheàrr

30.11.21       d.(page)2 gu 12

01.12.21       d.13 gu 20

02.12.21       d.21 gu 32

B4: Stoirm aig Muir (This will be read over 2 weeks with comprehension activities)

30.11.21       d.(page)2 gu 11

01.12.21       d.12 gu 16

02.12.21       d.17 gu 21