C4 – Fàilte!

  1. Fàilte agus clàr-ama
  2. Literacy overview Week 1
  3. Grid Week 1
  4. Literacy daily plan 24th March
  5. Maths daily plan 24th March 
  6. Number of the Day

Hallo a h-uile duine!

Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh deireadh sheachdain snog agaibh.

Chì sibh sia diofar rudan ag innse dhuibh mu dheidhinn an t-seachdain seo tighinn. Fosgail san ordugh cheart iad agus bu choir dhan a h-uile sian a bhith soilleir gu leòr.

Tha sinn gar n-ionndrainn gu mòr,

Tidsearan C4 🙂

Hello everybody!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. Above, you will see 6 separate documents, all giving you some information about your week ahead. If you open them in order then it will hopefully all be clear to you what we would like you to do. 

We miss you lots, 

Your C4 teachers 🙂

Useful websites/ Larachan-linn cuideachail

A couple of websites that could be helpful for parents to look at if you fancied:

https://www.lasadh.co.uk  – This one is all in Gaelic so maybe a bit tricky but it has a huge variety of resources available.

https://www.gaelic4parents.com/ – Very helpful for reading with your children.

https://www.learngaelic.net/ – Videos, grammar, dictionary, help with pronunciation of words.

Moran taing : )