C4 – 2020.06.22

Madainn mhath C4,

Here are the last chapters of the book “Summer on Earth”. I hope you enjoy the end. 🙂

Diluain 2206

Sound file- Chapter 39

Sound file- Chapter 40

Sound file- Chapter 41


Your C4 teachers

C5D 2020.06.18 Transition day

Madainn mhath, Clas 4D!

Fàilte gu an latha eadarghluasad agaibh! 

Welcome to your transition day!

Mrs. McRury and Mrs. Dominguez have prepared a video with a message for you on your transition day.

Here are the transition activities that we would like you to do today. We hope you enjoy them 🙂

Ri dheanamh c5D

Mrs. McRury and Mrs. Dominguez are very looking forward to seeing you all again in August.

Warm Regards,

Your C5D teachers


C4 2020.06.17 Daily Activities

Hallo C4,

Ciamar a tha sibh an- diugh?

Here are your daily activities for today. Enjoy!

Maths and Numeracy:

aireamh an latha agus rudan eile 170620

A parent of a child in Clas 4 has suggested the Game of Ur as good fun and related to probability.  The game is straightforward, can be played almost anywhere as it uses coins as counters and the gameboard can be copied onto paper.  We have attached a copy of the game which includes the rules and the gameboard.  Beannachd leibh.

Probability Game of Ur


Diciadain 1706

Sound file – Chapter 36

Sound file- Chapter 37

Sound file- Chapter 38

Happy Learning,

Your C4 Teachers 🙂


C4 – FC Sonas Dùbhlan 5

Madainn mhath a h-uile duine!

Seo agaibh Dùbhlan 5 bho FC Sonas. Gur math a thèid leibh!

Here’s the Challenge 5 from FC Sonas. This one looks a bit tricky! Good luck with it!


C4 -2020.06.16 Daily Activities

Madainn mhath C4,

Tha mi an dòchas gun robh spòrs agaibh an-dè le Latha Spòrs.

I hope you had fun with sports day yesterday.

Here are your activities for today:

Maths and Numeracy:

lesson starter Cunntais 160620


Dimàirt 160620

Sound file- Chapter 33

Sound file- Chapter 34

Sound file- Chapter 35

Enjoy your learning,

Your C4 teachers 🙂