C6 Short Week

We have had a quick week in school with the Monday holiday!

In maths we have been working on decimals and then we also started learning about co-ordinates and how to read and plot co-ordinates in all four quadrants (using negative numbers). We practised using co-ordinates to create pictures and then wrote our own co-ordinates for our friends to make pictures. We also tried using translation when we moved an object to another place on the grid.


We did some problem solving tasks this week. Some people tried answering addition and subtraction with decimals to crack a code and some people tried this coded hundred square. We had to work out the code and then fit the puzzle together to create a hundred square.  

Today, we enjoyed our skills for life, work and creativity lesson. We have different groups doing lots of different projects including coding and woodwork.

In our democracy topic we worked in teams to create new laws that we would like to see passed!

Have a great weekend!

Why we’ve got to a good start!

In C6 we have got off to a good start because we are all starting to make new friends. We are enjoying being in the big class and we have been working in lots of different groups. When we did outdoor learning, we were working with partners we didn’t know and this helped us to get to know each other. We had to have courage and self confidence to work with people we don’t know and use team work skills to make sure everyone was feeling included.


We have been learning about Place Value and learning or practising the names of each of the columns. We were practising reading and writing large numbers.

We had a practise of multiplying different numbers by 10, including large numbers and decimals and we know that the rule is:

Move all digits together one place to the left.


We are learning about Traditional Tales and getting used to speaking and using Gaelic again.

We have been writing diary entries based on a story called Bodach na t-Sìlein Eòrna.

We have also been writing a short story based on a story called Babushka.

C6…The start of a great year!

Health and Well being

To start C6, we went for a friendship walk in the park and we talked about all of the things we did during lock down to help our mental health. We made posters for a school display to show ideas for helping mental health. We made our own C6 motto’s for the year, these were to help us to keep our principles throughout the year. Some examples of our personal motto’s are:

  • Look around and you will see kindness everywhere
  • Kindness can take over the world
  • Start a day with friendship
  • One smile can change someone’s day
  • Treasure your friendships or your time will be spent in darkness
  • Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes
  • Kindness = friendship = happiness

We have also made a class tree to help us to stick to the class rules and it was a fun way to remind us all of what we have agreed. Here are the class rules that we made:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be safe
  • Look after our things
  • Listen
  • Speak Gaelic
  • Be kind and helpful

Skills for life, creativity and work

Every Friday, all of C6 can do a special learning project, for example, last Friday, we had groups doing:

  • Coding
  • Planning Woodwork projects
  • Baking Brownies
  • Planning a play
  • Practising Football skills
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Building a roller coaster from K-nex
  • Dancing and skipping – teamwork and coordination

We also learned how to be safe and think about risk when we were using sharp knives and an oven to make pizzas as a class.

We have huge red jotters for using on a Friday where we can plan out what we are doing and write in what we have been learning.


We have started to work on independent tasks and we tried building models out of pasta and blu tack. We have also combined maths, technology and art to create our own board games.

Eco Friendly

C6 are remembering to recycle what we can in our classroom. We are collecting plastic pots etc. for our junk modelling. As a class we are also trying hard not to waste any resources, e.g. putting pen lids and glue lids on and looking after the books in our class library. Some children have been thinking about trying to organise a litter pick in the park (this is tricky just now because of Covid).

Outdoor Learning

We have done a lot of activities to help us to get to know children in the other class.


In sports, we have been working on fitness. We tried a beep test and it was hard but mostly fun! We warmed up by jogging around a course of cones because we were learning about why warm ups and cool downs are important. We also played dodge ball. We had fitness stations and tried each of these exercises:

  • Tricep Dips
  • Shuttle runs
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Wall sits