Bu thoil leinn ionnsachadh dachaigh a dhèanamh nas fheàrr dhutsa | We want make home learning better for you. 

Bu thoil leinn ionnsachadh dachaigh a dhèanamh nas fheàrr dhutsa.  Tha sinn airson ur beachdan fhaighinn mun ionnsachadh a tha sibh air a bhith a’ dèanamh aig an taigh. Nach lìon sibh an ceisteachan gus ur beachdan innse. Cha toir e ach beagan mhionaidean. Tapadh leibh!
We want make home learning better for you.  To do this we are looking to hear about your experiences learning at home.  Take a few minutes to fill in our survey.  Thank you!
Tapadh leibh! – Thank you!

C4 – Sealladh air Obair C4/ A Collection of Work by C4 – 2020.03.31


C4 2020.03.26 – Daily activities

Madainn mhath C4!

How did you get on with your learning yesterday?

I hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning. Here are the links for today’s activities. Good Luck! 🙂

Matamataig/ Maths

Here are the answer sheets for the activities you’ve done. You can check how you did and self assess.

maths freagairtean 240320

maths freagairtean 250320

Àireamh an Latha //Number of the Day

aireamh an latha 260320

Sumdog Challenge

AI: ‘S urrainn dhomh m’ eòlas air clàr nan uireadan/iomadachadh a cleachdadh airson ceistean a fhreagairt.

We have created a multiplication challenge for you all to play on Sumdog to help develop your multiplication skills .  Your login details can be found attached to your jotter and you will need to download the app to play.  It will be available to play from this morning until 1pm on Friday.  Good luck!

or visit sumdog.com and login that way.

Litearrachd | Literacy

C4 Litearrachd 26th March 2020 C4 Literacy 26th March 2020

We hope you enjoy your learning for today.

Your C4 Teachers! 🙂



Faclan Cumanta 2, 3 & 4

Faclan Cumanta 2

Faclan Cumanta 3a 3b

Faclan cumanta 4a

Faclan Cumanta 4b

Seo na Faclan Cumanta – eagal ‘s nach eil liosta agaibh aig an taigh. Seall air Seata 2 agus mas urrainn dhuibh a h-uile fear a litreachadh, gluas air adhart gu Seata 3 agus an uairsin gu Seata 4.

Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi seo cuideachail.

Tidsearan C4

Here are the common words – just in case you don’t have a list of them at home. Take a look at Set 2 and if you can spell them all correctly move on to Set 3  and possibly even to Set 4. Parents – it should be noted that there is no expectation for P4 to be able to spell Set 4 – I’ve just put them up in case some pupils fancy a bit of a challenge.

I hope this helps,

C4 teachers.