C7 Decimal Week!

In maths this week we have been learning about and working on decimals. We have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals including working with negative numbers. We have been working on rounding to the nearest whole number, tenth and hundredth.

We have also started doing ‘Number of the Day’ where each day we put a new number up and we have to do different mental arithmetic related to the number. Our numbers this week have had one or two decimal places.

In literacy this week, we did a Gaelic written piece about our hopes and wishes for the year ahead. We also completed a book review of Wonder in English.

This week, during our Friday ‘Skills for Life, Work and Creativity’ session, we had a group working on making a moving carriage with an axle which will work on a zip line, a group creating a volcano, a group working with clay to make a scene about endangered animals and many more exiting projects on the go! We also have a team in training for the cross country running festival!

First Lego League Competiton

On Wednesday 11th of December, our Lego League Team (P6&P7) took part in the First Lego League competition at Edinburgh College. After several months of hard work at school to prepare for the competition, they were ready to meet other teams from Edinburgh.
The program of the day was very busy with 3 robot games, the presentation of an original project, an interview about their core value and a presentation of the design of their robot and code. The start of the day was very stressful with a very disappointing score on the first robot run, but the team managed to practice again and focus for the next two rounds. They ended up at the second place after their third round.

Some images from this last round can be viewed here:

Because the day wasn’t only about programming a robot, we had to wait until the closing ceremony to know about the winners of the day. It turns out that our team won the Core Values award which we are very proud of as it celebrates how much team work we have put in this project. Even more exciting, we also got the second slot for the Scottish Final that will take place in Perth on the 29th of February. Did we mention that the Scottish Finale is just one step away from the International Final in the United States?

First Lego League

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Well, needless to say, we all had a very good day at Edinburgh College and we are ready to show our best in Perth!

“Watching all the other teams competing was very fun. It was interesting to see what other ideas people would have.”

“My best moment today was when we got second after our third game. All went really well with that last round!”

“I was relieved to see that the third team did not score enough to get in second place. Soooo much stress!”

“I was actually very happy to take part to the competition and be part of the team. We did some very good teamwork today and cheering up was a great part of the event.”

“Playing take together as a group during breaks showed me that we were a real team. I really enjoyed being part of it.”


This week, we have been continuing to work on enterprise in maths. We researched how much our calendars were costing us to make and then did market research to ask people how much they think they would pay for them. This helped us to work out the costings for our business and we are looking forward to selling them next week.

In literacy, we did an extended piece of Gaelic story writing and thought about using a variety of more interesting adjectives and similes to make our writing engaging.

We are really enjoying reading Wonder as a class novel and it has helped us to discuss many themes including bullying behaviour. It is helping us to think about how others can feel and showing the importance of showing kindness and respect to others.


C7 Pizza Party

A group of C7s made pitta pizzas on Friday during our skills for life, work and creativity lesson. First we had to wash our hands and the tables to make sure we were being hygienic. We washed the vegetables and then we chopped them and made sure the oven was at the right temperature. We learned how to peel mushrooms and we were practising using knives safely.

‘It was so satisfying peeling the mushrooms!’

This week, we decided to share out the cooking and everyone got to taste the pizzas.

‘They were healthy and tasty!’

We also recently made Blueberry Muffins and unfortunately we didn’t have a scale to measure the weight of the ingredients so we had to do a lot of maths calculations to work out the right measurements. We converted the measurements into cups.

We have also had a group playing music together and a group learning how to use a sewing machine. We enjoyed a great dance performance from a group who had worked hard to make a well coordinated routine.


In maths we have been making calendars so we have been learning about time and the biggest part of our learning in maths just now is Enterprise.

We are learning about profit and loss and how important it is to think about money when running a business. This week we are working out how much we are spending to make our calendars and then we will decide how much to sell them for to make sure that we make a profit.


We are learning about how to analyse a text and how to create character logs and we are also learning about how to create a setting using interesting vocabulary. For writing our own settings, we were given an image and we had to use it creatively.

We are reading ‘Wonder’ just now as our class novel.

‘Wonder is helping us to think about what might be going on around us and that everything isn’t perfect. It has helped us to look through the eyes of someone who has a disadvantage. It helps us to think about how everyone is not the same and that it is important not to judge people because they are different.’


New Classroom!!

New Classroom

This week we entered our new classroom! Our classroom is now much more homely, it has a mixture of furniture like sofas, a hanging chair, rocking chairs, giant bean bag cushions, high office chairs, and ‘pizza’ tables. Our classroom has helped us to feel like we are learning in a more relaxed environment. Here is what we thought when we first saw it:

‘It was worth the wait!’

‘Absolutely amazing, in fact, more than amazing!’

‘It was better than I was expecting’


‘I felt like I was in a totally different world’

‘This is different to normal classrooms’

‘I would like to live here!’

We think it will help us because:

  • We are learning to respect our belongings and look after our environment
  • We feel more relaxed and that is helping us to focus and concentrate
  • We have different spaces available for different tasks
  • We are learning skills for life like working in different spaces, the same way that adults hot desk
  • We are developing independence and flexibility before we go to high school
  • We are having more choice and responsibilities
  • It helps to make learning feel more fun

We are very happy with our new learning environment!

Independent Learning

Today we continued our skills for life, work and creativity. Everyone was busy working on different things, for example:

  • Writing a news paper article
  • Creating dance routines
  • Knitting
  • Writing drama scripts
  • Using a sewing machine
  • Role Play

Obair na Seachdain – Clas 7

Tha seachdain air leth trang air a bhith aig Clas 7 a-rithist.

Mar phàirt de ar topaic thar a’ churraicealam ‘Alba Àlainn’ tha sinn air a bhith a’ dèanamh pìos sgrìobhaidh pearsanta mu dè am pàirt de dh’Alba as fheàrr leinn fhìn! Smaoinich sinn air eisimpleir an toiseach – b’ e sin Dùn Èideann.  Tro seo, tha sinn air a bhith ag ionnsachadh a bhith cur an cèill beachd pearsanta agus a bhith a’ cur ìmpidh air an leughadair.  Bha iomadh dòigh aig a’ chlas airson seo a dhèanamh; tro bhith cleachdadh ceistea agus samhlaidhean agus rinn iad obair air leth le bhith a’ cur an cèill na beachdan pearsanta a bha aca air na a tha a’ dèanamh àite sònraichte dhaibh. 


Seo cuid de na abairtean agsu beachdan inntinneach a nochd:


‘An toiseach, Lite, sin far a bheil mise a’ fureach…’


‘Dùn Èideann…an t-àite as fheàrr.  A bheil thu a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil mi às mo chiall?! Ach chan eil! Seallaidh mi dhut…’


‘Nuair a bhios mise sa Chlachan bidh sinn a’ faighinn tòrr reòiteagan.  Tha gaol agam air reoiteagan.  Dè mu do dheidhinn fhèin?’


‘An ath triob a tha  thu a’ falbh air saor-làithean, feumaidh tu a dhol gu Caisteil Dhùn Èideann!’


‘Am port-adhair! Tha e cho spòrsail nuair a tha thu ag èirigh aig còig uairean sa mhadainn airson falbh air plèan!’


Cuideachd, ann am Matamataig tha sinn air a bhith ag ionnsachadh mu scèile agus dealbhachadh.  Tha sinn gus a bhith sealltainn air planaichean agus a bhith cruthachadh phlanaichean sinn fhìn fhad ‘s a tha sinn a leasachadh ar sgilean.


Dihaoine, fhuair sinn an cothrom coimhead ri beagan ealain le Bridget Riley agus eisimpleirean a chruthachadh dhuinn fhìn.  Tha taisbeanadh Bridget Riley ri fhaicinn ann an Dùn Èideann gu Didòmhnaich.

Seo eisimpleir den t-seorsa obair aice! 


Obair dachaigh leughaidh ri thighinn air an ath sheachdain agus deotair leughaidh!



C7’s Week

Numeracy and Maths – BODMAS

This week we have been learning about BODMAS and how it works. We learned that there are rules for the order that we work out a number sentence in if there are more than one operation. For example if there is adding and multiplying in the same number sentence, we need to do the multiplying first.

BODMAS stands for:







BODMAS gives us the order that we have to answer mixed number sentences in.

Here’s an example:

2 x 2 + 10 x (18 – 4)²

2 x 2 + 10 x 14²

2 x 2 + 10 x 196

4 + 1960 = 1964


Pupil Voice

Today, we have been planning ideas for what we can do for our skills for life and creativity lessons on a Friday. Some of our ideas are:

  • Book Club
  • Lego
  • Chess Club
  • Sewing
  • School Newspaper
  • Knitting
  • Drama
  • Running Club
  • Cooking