Teachdaireachd Bho A’ Bh-uas Petersen

Hello Clàrsach players! 

 I hope that you are all well and that you have managed to look at some of the files on Teams. You can find the videos, music and sound files by clicking at the top middle of the page on “Files”. If you are having any problems with this please let me know. 

I have made some more video tutorials of some Grade 1 and 2 pieces – I hope they will be useful.  

The National Mod have announced that they are running a virtual Mod this year– here is a link to the syllabus: 


The guidelines can be found here: 


Please note that submissions must be complete and submitted by 31st July 2020 

I hope that you have an enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing you for lessons soon! 

Miss Petersen 


Technical Work Grade 1 – Audio Files

Grade 1 – Triplet- in-C-major-right-hand-then-left-hand












Grade 1 Audio Files


Archibald Hands Together

Archibald Right

Dexter Day Hands Together

Dexter Day Left Hand

Dexter Day Right Hand

Irene’s Waltz Hands together

Irene’s Waltz Left Hand

Irene’s Waltz Right Hand

Is Truagh Nach Rugadh Dall Mi Hands Together

Nighean Donn a’ Chuailein Riomhach – Hands together

Pentland Hills Hands Together

Pentland Hills Right Hand

Siudaibh Illean Gabhaibh ‘m Port Hands Together

Tàladh Eirisgeach Hands Together

Till an Crodh Hands Together