Ionnsachadh bhon taigh 25-05-20

Madainn mhath a h-uile duine! Tha sinn an dòchas gu bheil sibh uile a ’dèanamh gu math! Seo an obair agaibh airson an t-seachdain seo.

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all doing well! Here is your work for this week.

HLG 25-05-20 Gàidhlig.

HLG 25-05-20 English

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Cuideachd, seo sgeulachd dhuibh airson èisteachd ris agus na gnìomhan a dhèanamh!

Also, here is a story for you to listen to and copy the actions!

Clas 1 Gorm Madainn mhath!

Madainn mhath! Good morning!


Seo agaibh ceanglaichean ri cuid de na h-òrain a tha a’ còrdadh ribh. Here are links to some of the songs that you enjoy.

Brochan Lom:

Deich èisg bheaga:

Còig tunnagan beaga:

Splis splais:

Ciamar a tha thu?: (you can use this song to ask for other feelings, sgìth, crosta, bonnach, toilichte, blàth, fuar)

A ‘ Bh-uas Nic an Tòisich


C1 Ionnsachadh san Dachaigh 19-05-20

Madainn mhath a h-uile duine! Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh deireadh-seachdain fada breagha agaibh! Seo an obair agaibh airson an t-seachdain seo. Tha sinn a’ cumail a’ dol ag ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn uisge, is tha sgeulachd aig A’ Bh-Uas Wight mu chreutair a tha fuireachd san uisge…crùbag!

Good morning everyone! We hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Here is your work for this week.  We are carrying on learning about water and today Mrs Wight has a story about a creature that lives in the water…a crab! 🙂 

Here are two versions of the grid for this week.  One in Gaelic and the other in English.  

HLG 19-05-20 Gaelic

HLG 19-05-20 ENGLISH

Clas 1 Gorm Obair eile 15.5.20

Halò a h-uile duine. Seo obair eile a rinn sibh aig an taigh. Tha mi a ’ coimhead air adhart ri tuilleadh obair an ath-sheachdain! Ceann na seachdain fada, snog dhuibh uile.

Hello everyone. Here is more work that you’ve done at home. I’m looking forward to more next week. Wishing you all a nice, long weekend.

Le dùrachdan / With best wishes,

A ’ Bh-uas Nic an Tòisich

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Clas 1 Gorm Obair a rinn sibh aig an taigh

Halò a h-uile duine. ’S e Dihaoine a th’ann a-rithist. Tapadh leibh airson an obair a rinn sibh. Bha sibh air a bhith trang! Seo cuid den obair agus na dealbhan a tha sibh air a bhith a’ cur thugam.

Hello everyone. It’s Friday again. Thank you for the work that you did. You have been busy! Here is some of the work and pictures that you’ve sent me.

Le dùrachdan / with best wishes,

A ‘ Bh -uas Nic an Tòisich

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C1 Learning Update

A Phàrant/ Neach-curaim Chòir,

We hope that you have been enjoying the daily learning activities that the C1 team has been posting to the class blog over the past weeks.  We know that this is a very challenging situation for parents all over the country (and the world!), and would like to extend our appreciation and admiration for what you have been doing up until now.

As of next week, C1 are going to move to a slightly new way of posting learning.  We hope the change will make things easier on you and relieve some of the pressure you may have been feeling around home learning.  We are responding to feedback from parents that the volume of work was at times overwhelming and it can be difficult to keep up with it daily.   

Starting on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday) C1 teachers will be posting all learning on a grid at the beginning of the week.  This is similar to how the Sgoil Àraich are posting their learning.  On the grid you will find boxes for each curricular area (literacy, numeracy, music, project, art, PE etc).  There are 12 in total.  You can dip into the grid each day and choose the tasks that you would like to do.  There are links in the boxes to videos made by the teachers, songs, Gaelic programs to watch and some online games.  Don’t feel that you have to complete every box each week.  Do what you can manage.  In addition to this. there will be a new video waiting for you each day on the class blog, it will either be a wee hello message from your child’s teacher, a song, a story or a rhyme to listen to or join in with.  Be sure to check the blog each day to hear some Gaelic from one of our team. 

To maintain the connection between our learners and their teacher, we ask that you try and post one piece of literacy (reading, phonics, writing box) or maths (numeracy or topic maths box) learning per week you have done at home on Learning Journals for your child’s teacher to comment on.  Of course, you are welcome to post more than that if you like!  We love seeing what you are all up to at home.  Thank you for the fantastic work you have sent in so far. 

The learning grid will be available on the blog in Gaelic and in English. 

Le gach deagh dhùrachd,

Katie Wight

Depute Headteacher

Clas 1 Gorm 14.5.20 Facal no dhà…

Madainn mhath. Tapadh leibh airson na dealbhan ag innse dhomh dè tha sibh ris aig an taigh. Cuiridh mi cuid suas an-diugh.

Good morning. Thank you for the photos telling me what you are doing at home. I’ll put some up today.