C5 14.01.21




Wk 14.01.21 Maths Learning Grid


   Clas 5 DO laithean agus miosan    miosan gaelic mixed up 140121



Writing today.

Literacy Planner 14.11.21

Weekly Grid (same as Monday!)PE-Gymnastic-Challenge-Cards Food tasting session- worksheet Art – Drawing rules 

The senses and food.  Powerpoint 


C5 13.01.21



Hello C5, I mention Spanish in the video, this can be found on the learning grid below.  When you do this is up to you. In the hub today we will be having a look at Spanish and Art  (as well as the Maths and Literacy) 


Today’s maths is an assignment piece.  This means that when you complete your work we would appreciate if you could send it in.  Ideally you should send this via Teams but do not worry if this is not working for you.  You can take a picture and send via school admin.  Have a look at  this link to begin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlEEt-tAtD4&feature=youtu.be

Choose a task to complete below:


An-Uair-DO-chilli-1-130121 (1)




Here is the link to your English phonics lesson for this week.



Glorious Gladiators spelling words Noble Ninjas spelling words Wise Warriors spelling words


Here is the weekly Grid and resources incase you want to work on these too today (this is the same as Monday)

PE-Gymnastic-Challenge-Cards                       Art – Drawing rules              Food tasting session- worksheet CLIATH-IONNSACHAIDH-AN-DACHAIGH-HOME-LEARNING-GRID TEMPLATE

C5 12.01.21

Madainn mhath Clas 5,

Here is a A’ Bh-uas Reid to tell us about your day.  https://youtu.be/LK7mxl9hij8

I have added the Learning grid and supporting resources again (this will be the same all week) incase you haven’t downloaded it.



Food tasting session- worksheet

Art – Drawing rules


Wk 12.01.21 Maths Learning Gri

Aireamh an latha 1 Cunntais 12.01.21 (1)

Addition – lesson 1


C5 Litearrachd Literacy Daily Plan 12.1.21

Literacy C5 12.1.21 Reading for Info Taking Notes

Literacy C5 12.1.21 Reading for Information – Spiders

C5 11.01.21

Weekly Learning Grid

Have a look through the grid to see the activities you can work through in your own time this week. Enjoy!


Art – Drawing rules Food tasting session- worksheet

Food tasting session- worksheet



Clas 5 Litreachadh spelling 1



Find your number of the day task , mental maths and maths activity in the Learning grid.

You tube link incase below powerpoint doesn’t work –

Powerpoint 1 Timetables pptx

Today is the 6 times table.  Choose how you would like to practise from the slides, then move on to the Division powerpoint.

Presentation 2 Division

Once you have looked at the powerpoint, choose a chilli task to complete in your jotter.  Next week I will do some long division but let’s warm up with single digits first!

Chilli 1 worksheet

Chilli 2 worksheet 

Chill 3 – Mix 6 times table and division with 6  if you need a bit more challenge. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button. 

C5D -Nollaig

Dìnneir na Nollaig

‘S e aon de phrìomh thachartasan na seachdain, dìnneir na Nollaig.  Chòrd am biadh ris a’ chloinn agus chòrd e riutha a bhith a’ cluich leis an caraidean.


Diardaoin, dh’obraich sinn air dorsan na Nollaig. Tha sinn air a bhith trang, trang le sgeadachadh na Nollaig ann an C5D.  Ann an C5D ‘ruigidh sinn air na rionnagan.’

C5D – Green Pencil Award-winner 2020 – Rosa Jerdin :)

We had great news in C5D this week!

Rosanna Jerdin in our C5D was announced  winner for the Green Pencil Award 2020 with her creative writing : Summertime in lockdown

Now sit back, listen and enjoy a specially recorded reading of Rosanna’s winning poem by poet, Michael Pederson.

Congratulations Rosa!

Meal do naidheachd Rosa!

C5D – Winter art display

This week C5D have been working hard on their Winter Art Display. They really enjoyed this collaborative project and the chance to unleash their artistic side !