Obair Dhachaigh

Abair gu robh sinn fortanach, moiteil a’ coimhead air obair-dhachaidh clas a còig an-diugh.

Dh’ionnsaich sinn mu dhaoine inntinneach aig an robh Gàidhlig – fear a ghoid caoraich, fear a tha a’ fuireach air Liosmore is fear a bha na chluicheadair ball-coise!

Chruthaich a’ chlas faclairean inntinneach is bha dealbhan mìorbhaileach ann de na fasgaidhean a chruthaich iad.  Gu mìorbhaileach bha tòrr fios ann mu na h-eòin!

Coimhead air an imovie againn gus am faic thu cuid den obair againn!

Seo dealbh de chù leis an ainm Friday!  An creideadh tu, cha robh ach Gàidhlig aige!

Cù leis an ainm Friday.

My Movie 7


An t-seachdain bha sinn a’ dèanamh bileagan-fiosrachaidh ann am buidheanan ma dheidhinn a’ Chearcall-Uisge; a’ chuspair againn.  Chruthaich sinn iad le feartan leabhraichean fiosrachaidh mar fo-thiotalan, stiùireadh, diagraman is faclairean.  Bha sin spòrsail oir tha sinn air a bhith ag ionnsachadh ma dheidhinn teann-stuth, lionn agus gas anns a’ Bheurla agus anns a’ Ghàidhlig.

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Budgets and Science!

In maths this week we finished our assessments to see how we were doing with rounding and estimating. We were feeling very confident! Now we are going to try to use rounding and estimating all the time to make sure we have reasonable answers. Then we started a new maths topic about managing money and how to think about a budget. We made up characters and thought about how they would spend the money they earned in real life. We were really surprised that what we thought was a lot of money, wasn’t actually that much when you have to pay for all of the essentials for example, bills and tax. 

In science this week we were learning about materials that were soluble, insoluble and how to make a solution. We also learned about density and how different liquids have different densities.

We were learning about separating materials using different methods, for example, magnetism, filtering, sieving and decanting. We also learned that you could separate a solution by heating it, for example if you boiled salty water, the water will evaporate and leave the salt behind.


C5s Adventurous Week

This was an exciting week because we filmed our very own movie about Mary Queen of Scots! We all got given marvellous costumes and the set was very professional. There was a huge green screen, lights and a huge professional camera and microphone! We had to do a few takes but in the end we remembered our lines and our songs!

In maths this week we did some very hard word problems. We had to use lots of different strategies to work it out. We used finding the difference, bridging and had to make sure we read the whole question. It was about poor Mr Brown’s bank balance going in to negative numbers so we were learning about negative numbers and money.

We also tried out some maths games on Kahoot, it’s a really fun website!

C5s Bundle of Learning!

Castle Project

This week, when the visitors from the castle came, they brought a big pile of costumes! We were given our costumes and practised our lines, we have a lot of work to do!  We are making a film about Mary Queen of Scots and both classes have 3 scenes. This weekend, we all need to practise our lines and the songs becasue we are filming it on Tuesday 26th of February, next week!


The first group in C5C went to swimming this week and thought it was very fun! They did lengths of the pool in different strokes. We also did treading water and floating.


In maths this week, we were learning about co-ordinates and we found out that the x axis and the y axis don’t stop at zero! They continue into negative numbers and there are four quadrants. This means that co-ordinates can have negative numbers in them. The important thing to always always remember is to go ‘along the corridor (x axis) and up the stairs (y axis)’. We know that co-ordinates are used for Sat Nav and on maps.

The co-ordinates on our sheets made different pictures, we also made challenges for our friends and played battle ships.


C5 Magical Maths!

This week, we have been revising and continuing to learn about decimals. We worked on place value and some people started adding and subtracting with decimal numbers. Some people also tried some very complicated but interesting decimal riddles! This week we also got a chance to use the IPads to play challenging but fun maths games. Like: Maths Slide and Monster Maths. We also wrote in our home link jotters to share our learning with you!


We had 2 sets of visitors this week. One were musicians who came to teach us chords and songs on the ukulele. We made a really interesting song where everyone in the class pitched in a word about our favourite things!

The other visitors came from Historic Environments Scotland to tell us about the fascinating history of Edinburgh Castle. They told us that they will work with us to make a film about Mary Queen of Scots. We are looking forward to visiting the castle to start our topic.

Beachdan C5H: Dùn Èideann ann an 2050

Beachdan C5H: Dùn Èideann ann an 2050 –

Dh’iarr a’ chomhairle oirnn beachdachadh air cò ris a bu chòir ar sgoiltean, àitean-cluiche, taighean agus dòighean-siubhal a bhith coltach ann an 2050.

às dèidh dhuinn beachdachadh, bhòt sinn mar chlas. Seo an fheadhainn a thaghadh sinn:

 Sgoil –  Gu h-inntinneach, tha sinn ag iarraidh gum bi ipad aig a h-uile duine an àite deotair !                                                                          

Siubhal – Gum bi càraichean a’ sgèith agus gum bi daoine a’ siubhal air bòrd-sgèith!    

Beatha – Gu sona, gum bi foghlam nas fheàrr, gum bi tidsearan gu leòr ann agus gum bi gach duine co-ionnann: daoine bochda is beartach.