Dh’ionnsaich sinn beagan mu dheidhinn Hionduthachd. Chuala sinn mu dheidhinn Dibhali agus an sgeulachd ‘Rama agus Sita’. As deidh sin, rinn sinn pàtranan Rangloi le bhith a’ cleachdadh diofar stuthan a bh’ againn ‘s a’ chlas. Seall air cho math ‘s a tha iad!

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Obair dachaigh – Leughadh agus litreachadh (Homework – reading and spelling)

  1. Leughadh is Litreachadh C6 Teirm 2 | Reading and Spelling Clas 6 Teirm 2

2. Spelling Activities

Banana Mhozart C1

A’ bruidhinn ris a’ chat C1


Hello a h-uile duine.

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Happy Holidays!


We have had a busy week this week getting ready for the debates we did in class as part of our democracy topic! We worked in teams to prepare our argument for or against a topic of importance to us. Some examples of the debates we had were:

  • Whether people who don’t need a car should be allowed one
  • Whether plastic, single use water bottles should be banned
  • Whether male and female athletes should train and perform sports together
  • Whether people who earn over a certain amount should have to give money to charity every month

Very interesting and quite difficult topics for debate!

We are looking forward to a restful, fun week off after a busy and full term!

A Creative Week!


This week we have been trying a lot of different interesting tasks!


In Literacy this week, we heard a story called Babushka, then made a picture board of the main events in the story. Then we made a plan before we wrote the story in our own words!


We were learning about decimals at the beginning of this week and then we started learning about negative numbers. We talked about where we use negative numbers in real life and then tried some different tasks using negative numbers.

It was Maths Week Scotland so we tried some great problem solving activities including an escape room problem solving pack.


We have been learning about the job of our local councillors and we also created some questions to ask a member of the House of Lords!


We have been outside every day this week for a variety of lessons including maths, literacy and PE. We have really enjoyed the sunny, fresh days this week!

C6 Short Week

We have had a quick week in school with the Monday holiday!

In maths we have been working on decimals and then we also started learning about co-ordinates and how to read and plot co-ordinates in all four quadrants (using negative numbers). We practised using co-ordinates to create pictures and then wrote our own co-ordinates for our friends to make pictures. We also tried using translation when we moved an object to another place on the grid.


We did some problem solving tasks this week. Some people tried answering addition and subtraction with decimals to crack a code and some people tried this coded hundred square. We had to work out the code and then fit the puzzle together to create a hundred square.  

Today, we enjoyed our skills for life, work and creativity lesson. We have different groups doing lots of different projects including coding and woodwork.

In our democracy topic we worked in teams to create new laws that we would like to see passed!

Have a great weekend!