C6 2020.06.08 Español

¡Buenos días C6!

I hope you are enjoying the Spanish activities so far. This week we will review: “¿Dónde vives?”

LI- I am learning to talk about my home and say where it is.

Please find below a PowerPoint with sound files and a pdf document to see the lesson and a wide range of activities. Enjoy your learning!

PowerPoint Presentation Dónde vives

pdf document: Dónde vives

¡Buena suerte!

Señorita Domínguez 🙂


C6 – Español

¡Hola clase 6!

Hoy es Lunes 1 de Junio del 2020.

I hope you had a lovely sunny weekend. ( ¡Hace sol y calor!)

This week we are going to review Hobbies ” Los pasatiempos”

Here is the pdf document with the sound files. Enjoy your learning!

Los pasatiempos y el tiempo libre

Sound file – slide 3

Sound file – slide 4

Sound file- slide 5

¡Buena suerte!

Señorita Domínguez 🙂

C6 – Español – Los sentimientos

Hoy es Martes 26 (veintiséis) de Mayo del 2020

¡Hola C6!

Esta semana revisaremos los sentimientos. Aquí os dejo el PowerPoint :

(This week we will revise ‘Feelings’. Find the PowerPoint below:)

PowerPoint with sound files- Cómo te sientes

pdf. file ( no sound) Cómo te sientes

Here are the videos to the puppet shows:


¡Buena suerte!

Señorita Domínguez 🙂

C6 2020.05.11 Español

¡Buenos días chicos!

Hoy es Lunes 11 (once) de Mayo del 2020 ( dos mil veinte)

Last week we focused on physical description. This week we will learn some adjectives to describe personality “El carácter” as well as using the grammatically correct forms of the language. I have created a PowerPoint Presentation with sound files. If you are unable to operate PowerPoint you can see the pdf. document instead.  ¡Buena suerte!

PowerPoint : El carácter

PDF document: El carácter

Thank you for sending all your work from last week. It is great to see how well you are doing. Please keep sending it and I will add to the Spanish blog. ¡ Buen trabajo C6!

Señorita Domínguez 🙂


C6 – Español con Señorita Domínguez

¡Buenos días C6!

Espero que todos estéis bien. Muchas gracias por enviar vuestro trabajo de la semana pasada.

Os adjunto el trabajo de esta semana:

I hope you are well!. Thank you to those who sent your Spanish work from last week. It is great to see your work and you are doing an excellent job!

Here’s your work for this week:

Physical description.

Over the last 2 weeks we focused on family and pets, do you remember? This week we are going to add physical description to the family members.

LI-   I am learning to use vocabulary to make physical description. 

    I am learning to use the grammatically correct verb tense.

Watch the PowerPoint with sound files to see the lesson and task at the end. 

t2-l-270-physical-description-powerpoint-spanish_ver_2 (1)

Here is the pdf. presentation in case you can’t operate PowerPoint. Sorry no sound files for the pdf.


Pásalo bien aprendiendo español! (Have fun learning Spanish!)

Señorita Domínguez!

C6 – Español con la Señorita Domínguez – Lunes 27 de Abril 2020

¡Buenos días alumnos de la Clase 6!,  ¿Qué tal?

Hoy es Lunes veintisiete de Abril del 2020.

Here is your revision for this week. ¡Buena suerte!

“Las mascotas y sus sonidos  

(Pets and the sound they make) 

¿Tienes mascota? 

 . tengo un perro.  

  No, no tengo mascota. 


¿Qué sonido hace ? 

El perro hace guau guau. 

El gato hace miau miau. 


How many pets can you name in Spanish? What sound do they make? (Remember that the animal sounds in Spanish sometimes can be different from English) 


Here are some ideas on how to present your learning in a MAKE, SAY, WRITE, DO format: 

1- Create a video, a play, animation, PowerPoint, Comic etc. about your chosen pets and the sound they make in Spanish. 

2- Create origami animals using paper, label it in Spanish and add their animal sound.  Here are some links to origami with Spanish instructions: 

Perro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_ARNgoTD-k 


Pez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlHokrVFMAY 

Conejo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZxBInQQLk4 


3- If you have a pet you could write information about it. Se llama…, Tiene… añosEs de colorLe gusta…, No le gusta 

4- Create flashcards with a drawing, the animal name and sound in Spanish; and use the cards to play a “guess” game with someone in your family. 

5- Make a quiz to challenge someone in your family. 


Remember the MAKE, SAY, WRITEDO doesn’t have to do these ideas , you can use one of your own. 


I would love to see your work! Why not sharing your Spanish learning with us to upload on the blog?

 Muchas gracias y buena suerte!

 Señorita Dominguez 🙂