[C6/7 – 2020.03.30 – PE] Fitness Circuits, What muscles are we using?

This term, we are learning about the different muscle groups that we use when we exercise and we are learning how to improve our fitness.

This week, we are going to focus on the name of the main muscles we use in our everyday life and during our fitness circuits.
After playing a game online to learn about the name and location of those muscles, we are going to give last week’s circuit another shot.

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C4H Last Parkour Lesson

Today was our last day at Parkour! We were set a challenge to use all of the skills that we have learned and we had to get from one side of the room to the other side of the room. The tricky thing was we had to try to do it without touching the floor. Then to make it even trickier we were aiming to do it 200 times in 15 minutes!

We worked together to complete the challenge and… we did it!!

We talked about what we thing Parkour is…

  • Sometimes it can be risky but it is worth it
  • Fun
  • Suitable for all ages
  • When you find different ways to manouver around the room over different obstacles
  • Learning about risk
  • Taking risks
  • A sport for everyone
  • About trying hard and trying again


C4 Sports

This morning in Sports, we were playing Cat Chases Mouse! We were practising changing direction quickly, team work and moving quickly. It was great fun! Then we practised attack and defense and we had to take a turn of being in attack or defense. Each defender had a bottle that they had to try to keep upright. The attackers were trying to use balls to knock over the bottle. We thought it was more fun to be the attacker!

C4 Parkour

Today at the start of the lesson we talked over everything that we have learned from the start of us going to Parkour. We learned how to challenge ourselves but to think about what level of challenge was right for us. We were working in pairs and threes to give each other instructions using the words:

  • Under
  • Over
  • Through
  • Along
  • Between
  • Around
  • Beside

The last challenge we did was The Floor is Lava, we had to get from one end of the space to the other without touching the floor. After we had tried it a few times, we had to make rules for ourselves to make it trickier. Some of the rules were:

  • Try to floss while balancing
  • Only use metal
  • Use every box
  • Try to use all of the higher bars
  • Only touch wood

We had a great time 🙂


C4H Parkour

Today we were at Parkour and Hedge was teaching us to balance and showing us different ways for catching and throwing. We did under and over arm throwing and we started easy and worked our way to tricky!

The easiest for some people was under arm and catching with two hands. We started close together and got further away from our partners. The hardest was over arm with our weakest hand. There was a mixture of people who found it easy and people who needed to practise.

After we practised the throwing and catching on the ground, we tried it while on the equipment and Mrs Hoy said the concentrating looks on our faces were quite funny! We were trying to catch the bean bags wherever we were on the equipment. Some people were being very creative and some people wanted to go basic and others wanted to go hard core!

At the end Hedge played music and told us to dance while doing Parkour. It was great fun but quite tricky! We were doing a mixture of hanging with our arms and dancing with our legs and balancing with our feet and dancing with our arms 🙂 Some people had cool types of dance moves.

Now we know what it feels like for a monkey to dance! We thought it was gobsmackingly excellent!

C4 Sports Day Report!

We enjoyed sports day this year even though it was damp and cold! We felt like it was very busy!

It was very fun finding out about the groups that we were in. We really enjoyed all of the different stations but we were really sad that we didn’t get to do the races because the grass was too slippy! We are hoping that we will go and do the racing another day.

We made new friends in our groups. It was very fun working in our teams and looking after all of the children in the group. If someone fell down, we helped them up! We were good at helping the C1s on their first sports day.

Some of our favourite stations:

  • Beat the Goalie
  • Limbo
  • Bean Bag Balance
  • Obstacle Course
  • Sack Races (funny because the bags were so smal!)



Cross Country Race


On Friday 20th April a group of boys and girls from C6 and C7 represented the school in this year’s Edinburgh Primary School Sports Association (EPSSA) Cross Country Race at Inverleith  Park. 54 schools were registered in this event so as you could imagine there were a lot of children competing in each race!  Our teams should be incredibly proud of themselves for what they achieved and the fantastic attitude they showed throughout the day.   Their team spirit was commendable.

Thank you to all parents for supporting the teams both prior to the event and on the day.

For some children one Cross-Country race wasn’t enough and so the next day they attended the Scottish Schools Athletic Associations (SSAA) Cross-Country Race  at Kircaldy High School.  Congratulations to the four C7 children involved.  Wear those hoodies with pride! Thank you again to the parents who supported the team on this day.


We have a busy day in C4 on a Wednesday, we have PE, Music and Art all in one day!

In PE, we are doing Athletics this term. Today we were practising skills for throwing. We were using shuttlecocks and balls and learning the skills we need for the Javelin. We had to work with a partner to throw the shuttlecocks to each other.  This will help us for activities on Sports Day too!

When we went to music, we were learning about rhythm and pulse. We were learning a rhythm that went ‘ta te-te’. We are really enjoying learning rhymes to help us to learn about pulse:

Pulse is a steady beat,

Feel it moving through your feet,

Always steady, keep in time,

Clap your hands and say this rhyme!

In art, we are doing a Birds of Paradise project. We have made feathers and decorated the body of the bird. We were learning to add small details and we used paper, paint and oil pastels. We used toothpicks to add small details and this skill was called scratch art. Today, we made more patterns that are detailed and tried using marbling ink. For marbling, we put a piece of paper in a coloured ink and water mixture and then when we took the paper out, there was a mixture of colours and patterns.