Ceòl | Music

Our singing teacher, Ms Seddon works with Sgoil Àraich – C3. Ms Seddon is an advocate of the Kodaly approach to music teaching. Through this approach, children focus on the expressive and creative skills of musicianship rather than the theory of music. In this area of the Kodaly approach, children begin to develop their musical ear and awareness of rhythm, pulse and pitch.

We are making plans to rejuvenate our Gaelic choir this session. The choir normally meet on a weekly basis and, although its primary aim is to enable children to enjoy singing together in Gaelic, it performs in public on a number of occasions throughout the year including The Royal National Mòd. 

Sounds Like Music (SLM) provide music tuition and resources to C4 and C5 pupils.  C3 children participate in Highland Youth Initiative music sessions.

From C6 this year, there are opportunities for selected pupils to learn clàrsach, the Scottish small harp. Pupils receive lessons on a weekly basis. They have the opportunity to perform at school concerts and council-run concerts, as well as participating at the Local and National Mods.