Cross Country Race


On Friday 20th April a group of boys and girls from C6 and C7 represented the school in this year’s Edinburgh Primary School Sports Association (EPSSA) Cross Country Race at Inverleith  Park. 54 schools were registered in this event so as you could imagine there were a lot of children competing in each race!  Our teams should be incredibly proud of themselves for what they achieved and the fantastic attitude they showed throughout the day.   Their team spirit was commendable.

Thank you to all parents for supporting the teams both prior to the event and on the day.

For some children one Cross-Country race wasn’t enough and so the next day they attended the Scottish Schools Athletic Associations (SSAA) Cross-Country Race  at Kircaldy High School.  Congratulations to the four C7 children involved.  Wear those hoodies with pride! Thank you again to the parents who supported the team on this day.

C7 – Ceòl

Tha sinn a’ coimhead air  diofar seòrsaichean de ruitheaman a chruthachadh an t-seachdain seo.  Dh’fheumadh sinn obrachadh còmhla airson ruitheaman ùra a chruthachadh.  Dh’fheumadh sinn cuideachd cuimhne a chumail air an ruitheam ùr is dh’fheumadh sinn obrachadh còmhla gus an cumadh sinn buille is an ruitheam a’ dol.    Bha tòrr spòrs againn .

C6 Cànan – Mion-Sgrùdadh

Tha sinn air a bhith gu math trang ann an cànan an t-seachdain seo.  Tha sinn a’ coimhead air diofar leabhraichean Ghàidhlig is a’ sealltainn air ciamar a tha an sgrìobhadair a’ sgrìobhadh na leabhraichean.  An t-seachdain seo bha sinn a’ coimhead air an leabhar ‘An Dìleab’ le Floraidh NicDhòmhnaill. 

Choimhead sinn air gnathasan-cainnt is samhlaidhean a bha anns an leabhar is carson a bhios ughdairean a’ sgrìobhadh samhlaidhean:

“Cho sona ‘s a bha latha cho fada”

“Tha e cho sàmhach ris na mairbh”

C7 – Slàint is Sunnd – Dèan Diofar

Tha sinn air tòiseachadh air a’ chuspair ùr againn ann an Slàinteis Sunnd.  An teirm seo tha sinn a’ coimhead air ciamar a bhitheas clann a’ dèanamh diofar san t-saoghal.  Bhruidhinn sinn mu dheidhinn an nighean ainmeil Malala Yousafzai à Pakistan is ciamar a bha ise ainmeil.  Bhruidhinn sinn cuideachd air Martha Payne à Ceann Loch Gilb a sgrìobh blog mu dheidhinn cho sgriosail sa bha na dìnnearan-sgoile aca.  Chunnaic Jamie Oliver am blog aice is sgaoil e am blog aice air twitter.  Chruinnich i £142,000 airson carthannas Mary’s Meals.

Dh’ionnsaich sinn gun urrainn duine sam bith diofar a dhèanamh san sgoil, coimhearsnachd neo san t-saoghal.  Chleachd sinn na sgilean rannsachaidh is ICT againn is chruinnich sinn fiosrachadh mu diofar clann a rinn diofar anns an t-saoghal.

C7 – Cuairt gu Gàrradh nan Lusan

Air Dimàirt, mar phàirt de Seachdain na Gàidhlig chaidh sinn gu Gàrradh nan Lusan.  Bha sinn ag ionnsachadh mu diofar lusan a bha a’ fàs anns a’ ghàrradh.  Dh’ionnsaich sinn gum feum diofar lusan diofar seòrsaichean de teothachd airson an cumail fallain is beò.



Chaidh sinn gu trì diofar àitichean sa ghàrradh –  Lus na Coill’- Uisge Thropaigich, An Lus Fàsaich is an Lus Ailpeach.

An robh fios agad? Tha gach lus air an ainmeachadh ann an Laideann.

Our Trip to Holyrood Palace

Yesterday we went on a trip to Holyrood Palace and we enjoyed it very much! We met a tour guide who gave us a tour in Gaelic. We saw a lot of very old things but one of our favourite things was looking for the secret doors! We found out lots of things about the Palace and the Royal Family. We saw bullet holes in the walls and scratch marks on a painting from a sword fight. We learned the story of Mary Queen of Scots and then we did a quiz. We saw a stain on the floor from the blood of Rizzio and we worked out that it was 452 years old! We saw that the King used to eat from a very small plate so we think they must have been small people! The beds were very small as well! Under their bed they had a chamber pot for going to the toilet and they used to throw it out the window!


We have a busy day in C4 on a Wednesday, we have PE, Music and Art all in one day!

In PE, we are doing Athletics this term. Today we were practising skills for throwing. We were using shuttlecocks and balls and learning the skills we need for the Javelin. We had to work with a partner to throw the shuttlecocks to each other.  This will help us for activities on Sports Day too!

When we went to music, we were learning about rhythm and pulse. We were learning a rhythm that went ‘ta te-te’. We are really enjoying learning rhymes to help us to learn about pulse:

Pulse is a steady beat,

Feel it moving through your feet,

Always steady, keep in time,

Clap your hands and say this rhyme!

In art, we are doing a Birds of Paradise project. We have made feathers and decorated the body of the bird. We were learning to add small details and we used paper, paint and oil pastels. We used toothpicks to add small details and this skill was called scratch art. Today, we made more patterns that are detailed and tried using marbling ink. For marbling, we put a piece of paper in a coloured ink and water mixture and then when we took the paper out, there was a mixture of colours and patterns.

Hùb Hàb

Chaidh Clas 1 gu dealbh-chluich Hùb Hàb an-diugh anns an talla mhòr.  ‘S ann mu dheidhinn a t-sìde a bha an dealbh-chluich.  Dh’ionnsaich sinn faclan mun t-sìde; sgothach, grianach, sneachd, fras uisge, bogha-frois.  Bha pupaid aca leis an ainm Seonaidh na Sìde, bha e èibhinn.  Sheinn sinn òrain còmhla, abair spòrs  a bha againn uile!