Technical Work Grade 1 – Audio Files

Grade 1 – Triplet- in-C-major-right-hand-then-left-hand












Grade 1 Audio Files


Archibald Hands Together

Archibald Right

Dexter Day Hands Together

Dexter Day Left Hand

Dexter Day Right Hand

Irene’s Waltz Hands together

Irene’s Waltz Left Hand

Irene’s Waltz Right Hand

Is Truagh Nach Rugadh Dall Mi Hands Together

Nighean Donn a’ Chuailein Riomhach – Hands together

Pentland Hills Hands Together

Pentland Hills Right Hand

Siudaibh Illean Gabhaibh ‘m Port Hands Together

Tàladh Eirisgeach Hands Together

Till an Crodh Hands Together


27.4.20 Ceòl le Miss Fee

Halo a-rithist! Chan eil an t-eadar-lìon aig an taigh agamsa ag obair gu math an-diugh. Mar sin,  tha mi an-dòchas gum bidh a’ bhidio Clas 1 suas a-màireach.

Hello again! Unfortunately, the internet is not working very well in my house at the moment and so I have been unable to upload the video for Clas 1 . I will continue to wait patiently for it to upload and hopefully it will be up on the YouTube site by tomorrow. Apologies for the delay! 

Blàthachadh Suas – Ro a h-uile leasan!

Clas 1


Clas 2/3 – Leasan 3

An-diugh tha sinn a’ cluiche geama le Granaidh Ruitheam. Tha sinn a’ taghadh am pàtrain ruitheamach a tha ceart.

Today we are playing a game with Granny Rhythm. We are listening to a 4 beat ta and te te rhythm and choosing the correct pattern.

Clas 4 – Leasan 3

Tha sinn ag ionnsachadh ciamar a bhios sinn a’ leughadh agus a’ seinn seirmean goirid le do, re agus mi.

We are learning how to read and sing short melodies with do, re and mi. 

Clas 5/6-

An-diugh tha sinn ag ionnsachadh ri bhith a’ seinn an sgàla pentatonic nar cinn le geama goirid.

Today we are learning to sing the pentatonic scale internally (in our heads) with a short game.

[C1-7 Physical Education] PE Home Learning Booklet

Dear Parents/Carers,

During our school week, every pupil usually participates in two hours of Physical Education. Led by PE specialists and/or class teachers, these activities normally include a range of sports, games and physical activities. We recognise that it is very challenging to recreate this in a home setting.

To help our pupils and their parents/carers, we have created this PE Home Learning booklet to give everyone an opportunity to take part in a variety of PE experiences, encouraging you to keep active and explore different areas of PE and sport at this difficult time.



Please remember to check the information from the Scottish Government on use of public places before attempting to use outdoor spaces.

Hoping this is helpful.

Mr Carruthers and Mr Vitry
PE Specialists
Taobh Na Pàirce

Madainn mhath Clas 1G

Madainn mhath Clas Gorm. ’S e latha brèagha a th’ann an-diugh. Tha a’ ghrian a’ dèarrsadh. Tha mi’ n dòchas gu bheil sibh uile gu math. Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil sibh deiseil airson seachdain eile ag ionnsachadh aig an taigh. Innis dhomh math tha thu feumach air taic sam bith.

Good morning Clas Gorm. It’s a beautiful day today. The sun is shining. I hope that you are all well. I hope that you are ready for another week of learning at home. Let me know if you need any support.

Le dùrachdan / with best wishes,

A’ Bh-uas Nic an Tòisich / Mrs Mackintosh


Taic ionnsachaidh – Facail chumanta

Seo clàraidhean de na facail chumanta airson ur cuideachadh aig an taigh.  Tha tòrr diofar dhòighean na facail ionnsachadh.  Seo cuid airson tòiseach tòiseachaidh:

  • Dèan geama leotha (m.e. paidhrichean, SNAP, Bingo …)
  • Sgrìobh iad ann an diofar dathan
  • Coimhead, còmhdaich, sgrìobh, dèan cinnteach
  • Sgrìobh iad air post-its agus cuir iad air feadh an taighe
  • Dèan dealbh le litrichean an fhacail

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27.04.20 Ealain

Beachdan de obair Ealain airson an t-seachdain seo.

Art & Design activities for home-learning for classes 2-7.

Art Activities for week beginning Monday 27th April 





Draw the butterfly in pencil UK



Make a drawing of a place in your house that is packed full of objects. A cupboard or a shelf in your bedroom or the cupboard under the sink or in the kitchen or bathroom. Try to create a drawing that has depth, atmosphere, light and shade. Make sure you draw the object big enough to allow you to show their form through careful observation and skilled use of your pencil.


All classes, ask an adult to take a photo of your artwork to send to school to share on school twitter!