Budgets and Science!

In maths this week we finished our assessments to see how we were doing with rounding and estimating. We were feeling very confident! Now we are going to try to use rounding and estimating all the time to make sure we have reasonable answers. Then we started a new maths topic about managing money and how to think about a budget. We made up characters and thought about how they would spend the money they earned in real life. We were really surprised that what we thought was a lot of money, wasn’t actually that much when you have to pay for all of the essentials for example, bills and tax. 

In science this week we were learning about materials that were soluble, insoluble and how to make a solution. We also learned about density and how different liquids have different densities.

We were learning about separating materials using different methods, for example, magnetism, filtering, sieving and decanting. We also learned that you could separate a solution by heating it, for example if you boiled salty water, the water will evaporate and leave the salt behind.