Scottish Parliament Visits C6G

Yesterday, the Outreach Education Manager from the Scottish Parliament came to visit us. She told us all about how the Scottish Parliament works. We also held a quiz testing us about what is reserved by Westminster, such as foreign affairs, and what is devolved for Holyrood, such as the NHS. We also answered questions on a little keypad called a clickapad.

After that, the real fun began. Each table was a party, who would appoint a leader. The names of the parties, in alphabetical order are: Animal Welfare, Computer, Music, Save the Earth, School and Sporty. When every party had a leader, all the leaders would come up in front of the class and read out their manifesto. After that, the entire class held an election. After the visitor revealed the results we held a debate with a Presiding Officer. We debated a bill on whether all new cars in Scotland should be electric. The bill passed with a large majority.

In all, the entire class learned a lot about how democracy works and it was a very good lesson.