[C2D 1.5.20] Dihaoine | [C2D 1.5.20] Friday

Chan eil obair ùr againn an-diugh.  ‘S math a rinn sibh uile airson a bhith ag obrachadh gu cruaidh an t-seachdain seo agus tha e cho math na pìosan obrach agaibh fhaicinn. Tapa leibh! Here are some pictures of the activities your classmates have been doing this week. 


Thoir sùil air làrach-lìn Mòd Ionadail Dhùn Èideann.  Thèid Mòd Ionadail Dhùn Èideann 2020 a chumail air loidhne air an 29mh agus 30mh den Chèitean.

We have no new work to upload today but we will be back again on Monday ready to start the new school week.  Well done for working really hard this week and it’s so lovely to see your pieces of work being sent in. Thank you!

Could you take time today to look at Edinburgh’s local Mòd syllabus.  This year the Mòd will be running  digitally and will take place online on 29th and 30th May 2020.  Have a look at the categories and see if you would like to enter. 



I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will start to  give feedback on the Learning Journals tomorrow (Friday).


Miss MacDougall