22.5.20 Bikeability – beachdan sgoilearan C5 – C7 air an sireadh

A bheil thu ann an C5, C6 no C7?  Dè do bheachd air rothaireachd agus sàbhailteas-rathaid?  Am bu toil leat a bhith air sgioba airson beachdachadh air na priomh chuspairean  co-cheangailte ri rothaireachd?

Are you in P5 – P7?  What are your thoughts on Bikeability and on road safety?  Would you be interested in joining a team to identify key topics to explore with other children and young people connected to cycling, road safety and health?

Changing Gears: Young people sought to co-design project about cycling, road safety and health

The charity Children in Scotland would like to recruit five to 10 children and young people between  8 and 16 years of age to shape a new project evaluating Cycling Scotland’s Bikeability programme.  They want to work with people who like cycling and people who don’t. They  also want to work with children and young people who come from cities, towns and rural areas in Scotland.

Find out more about how the you can get involved:
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> Click here to read our news story about the project

The deadline for applications is now midday on Monday 25 May.